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#Nochanges vs #OnlyinsideVanillaChanges

steamtanksteamtank Member UncommonPosts: 391
To make this clear: everything I suggest is from Vanilla, within Vanillas timeline.

I was a day 1 vanilla player, I still have my collectors edition art book. I was also a last day of vanilla player. My day 1 memories are not the same my race to Naxx before TBC comes out
I played nearly every day until TBC
I bought TBC but saw they were moving away from what I liked to do even then.
I tried to come back a few expansions later because I wanted to play with my brother and it was fun, but I just couldn't get the feeling of "earning" something. The raids felt easier. I was Lol tanking as a prot pali. throwy shields of insta hate were fun, but it was just easier, everything was epic so nothing was.

During Vanilla I was on all the major server types and eventually settled into a pvp-rp realm when those were released.
I went from a casual rper on Argent Dawn to a Serious Raider on Maelstrom. 
I even managed to pinch tank vs Ony as a Shadow Priest when our tanks all got knocked for a loop for an entire phase (yeah team heal the clothies)

I have been keeping an eye on the classic server discussion. I got rid of my account log ago when the game got rid of me. My favorite part was giant epic battles..
They destroyed the epic AV battles (Yes I played a 14 hour straight AV for fun) , and then they gut my clan by destroying the raid size.

To my point.

I don't understand why those wanting classic arn't asking for the BEST / most attuned version of each part of the game from the span of Vanilla.

Tune the content to the patches that are 1) beatable but also 2) super super hard. 
There is no need to use patch numbers for content that eases the raid bosses lower than "beatable"  Classic has an "endpoint" of content.

Give us 14 hour AV's
Give us Rag that is nearly beatable
Give us patches where we could twink WSG toons as long as we could sneak our orc rogue into alliance zones while a lvl 60 friend farmed up the gear.
Give us Ony who ate decently geared tanks weekly.

Those are different patch numbers. #nochanges sounds like a "pick a patch and don't move" I like #OVC... make a best patch Frankenstein. Tune the content according to standards held in Vanilla WoW within the life of Vanilla WoW. Just be flexible on what time of Vanilla that was. Maybe the best version of a quest was Day 1.. maybe it was the last day of the server before TBC.  I feel like that should be the discussion. Not "We should have this from *insert expac* vs "NO CHANGES"
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