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Presenting Amazon Sumerian: An easy way to create VR, AR, and 3D experiences

observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,680
I just heard of this and it sounds interesting.  Here's the link to read more.

  • Editor: A web-based editor for constructing 3D scenes, importing assets, scripting interactions and special effects, with cross-platform publishing.
  • Object Library: a library of pre-built objects and templates.
  • Asset Import: Upload 3D assets to use in your scene. Sumerian supports importing FBX, OBJ, and coming soon Unity projects.
  • Scripting Library: provides a JavaScript scripting library via its 3D engine for advanced scripting capabilities.
  • Hosts: animated, lifelike 3D characters that can be customized for gender, voice, and language.
  • AWS Services Integration: baked in integration with Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex to add speech and natural language to into Sumerian hosts. Additionally, the scripting library can be used with AWS Lambda allowing use of the full range of AWS services.

Sort of like Unity and AltspaceVR.  It'll be great for content creators.  It's basically a platform to build VR/AR scenes, but it looks much easier to create with, than in other projects such as JanusVR or AltspaceVR.

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