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Life is Feudal MMO - Confused about where to go. Abella?

MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 2,648
Hey folks, I finally got into the LiF MMO.  Where am I supposed to go, to Abella?  Is that the main continent where everyone plays?  Or am I supposed to stay on the 49 islands?  Apparently, the ferryman to Abella costs a ticket, which are limited in supply?  I'm still bugged and can't access the main forums, so I'm trying here.  Thanks!


  • rodarinrodarin Member RarePosts: 2,469
    if you havent found the answer yes go to Abella. If you own the LiF YO (steam game) you have a ticket. Since you could download it I assume you have it.

    You can also buy tickets in the store theyre 10K favor depending on the package you buy that could be as little as 8 bucks. Basically a ticket is a character. Not sure what the character limit is per account.

    I am not sure that if you go there and then delete that character you can go back again. I havent 'testes' that because if you cant then its sort of a final test.

    You can make multiple characters and they can all go on noob island but I think once you use a ticket thats it. Actually I just checked on one if you click it and have used youre ticket it asks if you want to buy one.
  • DvoraDvora Member UncommonPosts: 495
    is the game any good?  is it basically darkfall with no magic?
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