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Free Trial for PC, PlayStation 4 & XBox One Begins November 28th - Destiny 2 Videos -



  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 15,792
    Talonsin said:
    1. Company reduces XP to get more people to by XP boosts

    2. Story comes out and suddenly they say they no longer like that system

    3. They change the system to no longer reduce your XP but they increase the XP needed to level

    4. They get caught again! Playerbase leaves in droves so they offer a free trial to get more suckers in

    Progression isn't really tied to xp the way you think. Progression is tied to doing events, strikes, challenges, and such by acquiring reputation tokens, engram drops, and weekly powerful engram activities. It's how you get your weapons and armour - the stuff that counts as progression.

    XP is tied to your "level" which dinging past 20 gets you Bright Engrams which provide shaders (dyes), items skins (speeders, weapons, ships), occasionally a ghost, and that sort of thing. You can't buy XP pots directly with game cash so it wouldn't drive sales.

    On top of that, if you played the game, you'd know that loot drops like candy and casual play will net you 2 - 3 Bright Engrams a week.

    Now if you're one of those players that likes instant gratification and decking out your character in a week, then I can understand your frustration. I don't agree with that design trope, but I know some people like it. If you're not an instant gratification type, then I'm not sure what your gripe is.

    They didn't get "caught" with anything. This isn't Star Citizen. They don't owe anyone transparency about anything and can adjust XP rates to suit the game, like every mmo ever has done. Gamers are so used to getting crowd funded reach-arounds that they forgot that AAA gaming is a different story.
  • Jamar870Jamar870 Member UncommonPosts: 191
    Well the free trial is up. 

  • LumicronLumicron Member UncommonPosts: 4
    can anyone enter the trial? i only can buy
  • LumicronLumicron Member UncommonPosts: 4

    Jamar870 said:

    Well the free trial is up. 

    nope, it isnt, i just spoke to blizzard, it is NOT live atm, perhaps later in the evening...
  • ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 2,809
    Lumicron said:

    Jamar870 said:

    Well the free trial is up. 

    nope, it isnt, i just spoke to blizzard, it is NOT live atm, perhaps later in the evening...
    Trial button is live for me.
  • GinazGinaz Member RarePosts: 1,997
    I can almost smell the desperation from here.

    Is a man not entitled to the herp of his derp?

    Remember, I live in a world where juggalos and yugioh players are real things.

  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 15,792
    edited November 2017
    Ginaz said:
    I can almost smell the desperation from here.
    When a publisher offers a free trial they're desperate. When a publisher doesn't offer a free trial they're greedy bastards trying to hide a shitty game behind a scammy cash grab. Go figure.

    Do gamers invent these hells for themselves so they can justify playing the victim card, or do they just like living in perpetual misery?
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  • AvanahAvanah Member RarePosts: 1,319
    edited November 2017
    Downloading now...39GB. GL all. Edit: Uninstalled after 5 mins. As a player who does not use WASD I EXPECT good companies to cover all aspects of player range which most importantly are KEY BINDINGS. NumKeys could not be assigned. Game Killer for me. Moving on
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  • skulyskuly Member UncommonPosts: 138
    edited December 2017
    The first day I was able to login and play, I played about 10 minutes before goign to bed.

    Since that day I have been unable too play... everyday it says "server is not available".

    EDIT: I fixed it but I'm not 100% sure how. It might of been the network troubleshooter. I was playing with network settings and something I did broke my internet connection. websites weren't loading and I ran troubleshooter and it said DHCP was disabled. After that Destiny 2 magically started working so idk.
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