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AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 206
Crosscut is Free to Play!

Have you Ever wanted to build something with wheels and big guns?!

My first hour in the game went well. I picked out a pre-fab beater-truck with a mounted machine gun and headed to the map for play.
I came across another beat-up-truck, with a tire missing and nearly emptied my virtual chamber of bullets in it until it blew up.

Yes!, I thought.

After moving on to the next map, at the end of the game there, I was awarded some spare parts. I went to the garage and found a nice place to attach them to my truck. 

I went to a map and that part was the first to get shot off by an opposing force. Ha!, I said.

After spending ten minutes in the garage, I finally came up with a way to mount two guns...muwha-ha-ha!

Four hours later, I have a rumbling 350 Boss engine with three mounted shotguns and some spike tires for grip. I waiting for the go with my teammates and headed into the desert to fight the opposing challengers. After a grueling match, with one bumper missing and smoke coming from my engine, I waited in the brush will time slipped away in my favor...we won!


Crosscut is a new and exciting way to be creative with this, that and other odd things. Everything is working. They even have an economy going with an auction house.

Why are you still here? Head over there and see why I haven't written anything in three weeks.

Warning: The game is highly addictive. BYOI or choose from a plethora of ideas (exhibits) made by other players.

I am not working for or connected with STEAM or any other company related to this product. It is only my intent to bring something to the table for those looking for something different to pass the time.


Ataaka -because I've killed enough zombies this year.
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