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Friendly Guild "Elysium Force" LF Brave & Active Adventurers.

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 18
This is Brief Sort of Guide to BlueStacks Pc Emulator. Speech was going a bit off the rails cause wrecked body after worked outside house yard for few days. Sweeping leaves & then ploughing snow. So couple days after was feeling knackred. Bluestacks settings page couldn't be captured so here's some things that must do there before launch any game: My Ally Code: 666-833-295. Allies window unlocks between Summoner lvl 15-20 if recall. 

Did explain things as moved there in settings window, but here's also written down. Bluestacks gives 4gb max to use & it's ok cause it's enough for smooth going with Pc Emulator like Bluestacks or Memu :) Also remember to set amount of Cpu Cores your Rig has & select OpenGl or Directx depending on which Gpu you're using. OpenGl for Nvidia & Directx for Amd. 

Bluestacks uses only about 18-26% Cpu when settings done right. It's maybe the best Pc Emulator available. Mentioned this because many know that Emulators are Cpu munchers. Memu is just as good for what i've heard. Bluestacks Pc Emulator: 
C u @Elysium Force in the Galaxy Far Away.

- Raylec from Elysium Force -  


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