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Legacy UO

Hey folks! Legacy UO shard going up this weekend has been blowing up. 

It's a ren period server that been altered for balance reasons a little, but also has a ton of really awesome features, like being able to build your own city.

Here's a link to reddits r/mmorpg that gets into a little more detail about uo and this specific server. The coolest thing is that we've manage to pull in literally hundreds of players that have NEVER played the game before, how often does that happen??

Here's our discord. It's up to about 500 members now. A UO shard that isn't all neon, doesn't sell items, balanced pvp and pvm, a RP community... the whole kit and caboodle.

Come get and get it


  • SeerHawkwindSeerHawkwind Member UncommonPosts: 3
    edited November 2017
    sorry. here's that discord.

    let me know if you have any questions.
  • Folik-LegacyUOFolik-LegacyUO Member CommonPosts: 1


    So much has changed since opening day! The most recent big change was the migration to Felucca. Thats right Legacy UO has left Malas and returned to the mother land. As we return to bank sitting at Britain and slaying dragons in Destard, we also kept some of the unique features of Malas but moved them to Felucca.
    Another big Change, was the addition of Hunter Contracts. These creature killing quests can lead to some pretty awesome treasure.
    Crafters recjoice in the return of Buld Order Deeds! Oh no he didn't! You're damn right we did. BODs are now available for Blacksmithing and Tailoring, along with the cool reward system that goes along with it.

    We added a few new Quests including the Elwood McCarin Collector quest!

    Moonstones now work to exit dungeons. Gone are the days of crawling the to bottom of a dungeon with your pets and having to crawl back out. Simply plant your moonstone into the ground and back to the surface you go.
    So much more to come!

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    Discord Chat

  • AethaerynAethaeryn Member RarePosts: 3,139
    son of a. . #$&@.  . . downloading. . . .  you had me at "doesn't sell items"

    Wa min God! Se æx on min heafod is!

  • xidbmixidbmi Member CommonPosts: 7
    Never had a chance to play UO. I've heard great things I should try it sometime. 
    Join us on Lastbossxi for focus on group play and community:
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