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Legacy UO

Hey folks! Legacy UO shard going up this weekend has been blowing up. 

It's a ren period server that been altered for balance reasons a little, but also has a ton of really awesome features, like being able to build your own city.

Here's a link to reddits r/mmorpg that gets into a little more detail about uo and this specific server. The coolest thing is that we've manage to pull in literally hundreds of players that have NEVER played the game before, how often does that happen??

Here's our discord. It's up to about 500 members now. A UO shard that isn't all neon, doesn't sell items, balanced pvp and pvm, a RP community... the whole kit and caboodle.

Come get and get it


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    sorry. here's that discord.

    let me know if you have any questions.
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