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Antlion ModMic 4 and 5 Combined Review: Time To Go Modular? -

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerMMORPG.COM Staff LegendaryPosts: 26,750
edited November 2017 in News & Features Discussion

imageAntlion ModMic 4 and 5 Combined Review: Time To Go Modular? -

Do you have a pair of headphones you’d like to use for gaming but they don’t have a mic? Antlion Audio has the answer with the ModMic. Today, we’re taking a look at both the ModMic 4 and ModMic 5 to examine whether they live up to their reputation and which one you should choose. This is our review of the ModMic 4 and ModMic 5.

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  • SandmanjwSandmanjw Member UncommonPosts: 17
    I have both of them got the mod mic 4 omni and it picked up too much background, in a voice attack program i use, kept issuing commands that i didn't say :P

    Then got the mic 5 which uses both omni and uni. Uni version works good for me, but unless you really need the ability to switch omni/uni, just get the mod mic 4 uni directional one is my recommendation.

    Save a few bucks, the extras with the mod 5 are not really needed.

  • CogohiCogohi Member UncommonPosts: 70
    Gaming headsets are junk.  Like "Monster Cable" level of junk. 

    Replaceable cables are one of those "well duh" features that apparently the audiophile market insists on for good reason.  Their stuff is built to last so why throw out the whole headset just because a $3 cable broke?

    I think I've gone through about three pairs of Logitech wired on ear USB headsets (390?).  No matter what I did, they'd catch on something and one of the wires would get shredded.  I finally got sick enough to look for a replacement.  I tried one of the Steel Series wireless... and hated it.

    The Logitech's were on-ear, the Steel Series was over-ear and did a fantastic job of isolating the outside world.  That's a feature for some people but for me that's a deal breaker.  My wife has this terrible habit of assuming we're in a 24/7 conversation and will talk at me without getting my attention first. 

    The more critical factor is that I felt like I was talking with my fingers jammed in my ears.  The SS does have a feature that feeds back your voice into the audio stream but there's far too much delay.  Have you ever been on comms with somebody with a desk mic. and speakers that reflect your voice back at you?  It's that level of annoying.

    So it turns out the audiophile world has an answer to that: Open back.  Just what it says, the drivers are open to the air.  This difference can be summed up:

    Instead of the “in your head” experience that closed-back headphones provide (because they isolate you from the ambient noise), open-back headphones provide a “in the world around me” listening experience.

    For my purposes I can both hear my wife AND myself when I talk.  As a side bonus I got a really fantastic set of headphones (Sennheiser 598 HD Special Ed.) that sound awesome.

    I was considering the ModMic but as it turns out there's a whole accessory submarket for them thanks to their proprietary cable connector.  Just unplug the stock one and replace with the boom mic.

    The spring on the clip broke through the plastic and the boom's goose neck seems to be getting a bit loose.  Otherwise it's working great.

    Not ever going back to "gaming" headsets.

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