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  • Thomas2006Thomas2006 Millersburg, INMember RarePosts: 1,076
    Interesting concept. Though I have to say the video of the Alpha on there website is very very rough. The animations and art looks bad.. very bad when it comes to the animations. But it is a Alpha and it is a interesting concept.

    I wouldn't mind some type of MOBA or Battle Arena (top down style) with this type of concept where viewers / spectators have some type of influence over the game play. (Would take a fair amount of balancing to prevent it from being abused. Maybe some type of positive and negative to each interaction.
  • NasaNasa DenmarkMember UncommonPosts: 647
    It is seldom that animations look so bad, even for alpha. I fear this game will struggle hard or die as so many other similar games(Lawbreakers, Gigantic, Breakaway and Battleborn)
  • SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickMember UncommonPosts: 1,313
    *Yawn* last thing we need is more shitty arena shooters there are already far FAR to many as it is. I don't even see the draw to them, I don't get whats so good about player unknowns battleground, the game looks like garbage. Yet some idiots thing its the best thing since sex.

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  • GhavriggGhavrigg Halifax, NSMember UncommonPosts: 1,254
    Why did they use the same character for N as A? Why is the E an I with a line in the middle? This logo is so goddamn creative!!! Oh wait... right, there's a game, too. I'll check that out later.
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