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This game is much more fun than it used to be. Revisited. My suggestions.

Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member UncommonPosts: 2,125
edited November 2017 in Conan Exiles
The first time that I played it I had all sorts of problems with lag, not being able to stream it, and loading times. It looked to have some potential but with the lag it was unplayable and I would not tolerate it. I did enjoy building a home and leveling a character to the max if not close to.

So recently I decided to check it out again in hopes the lag had been improved and it is much better than before, in fact I am addicted to the game now, and have had to peel myself away from it for a break. There have been server issues and still has its problems but compared to several months ago the changes are drastic in my opinion. The new God added and much more stuff to craft makes it much funner.

Really enjoying the servers that have x10 (x20) experience, etc. that take only a few hours to reach end-game character so its all just fun and games. Honestly I accidentally stayed up for a few days straight playing this game recently... it has become that addicting to me, I am a bit afraid of it now.

Still could use more improvements and things added to the game but as it is now, I think it is definitely worth buying and playing. When I first tried it I would have considered it a waste of money almost but I did see the potential.

When this game does come out officially next year or whatever I am sure it will be extremely fun to get immersed in, and best of all, months upon months of gameplay are not needed. Just spending a few days nerding out is plenty enough to have everything at the moment. Been having a great time!

Suggestions for developers:

Make special mob spawns and hotspots at various unpredictable times for competitive play that brings people together for a singular goal at a certain spot on the map. If there was something rare and unpredictable people will have fun charging to the area when unlocked and fighting for it, etc.

Enable a trade option.

Add a button for making twine while crafting other things that need it (have to use it so often)

Make it so that the walls and everything built is flipped/reversed so that I am not stuck with building areas that are inside out in some of my structures, etc. Maybe a button to flip "outer face" or something?

Add more God options and more crafted stuff (looks like they already left room for this)

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