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Craftable housing on claimed wilderness lots?

OnodrimOnodrim Member UncommonPosts: 45
Think you guys could ever stick this in? I really hoped those idiots in Greece would do this before they came up with that half assed village system. I did like being able to add the herb gardens though, that was cool... but a house you build with hireling guards and maybe other useful servants would have rocked ...

Anyway I digress ... I am happy this game is back in its original form and run by people who have a brain (yay). In all honesty, I played almost from original launch and the thrill of winner take all pvp cannot be replaced by any pve mmo. I’m going to stop throwing my 10$ a month at those idiots running eso (Hi ZOS) and come play Darkfall again. You may remember me from the original... Chronicpain (well if you remember me you probably looted me) I have terrible twitch instinct and reflex ... but once in awhile I’ll get lucky and off you afk LOL 


  • OnodrimOnodrim Member UncommonPosts: 45
    ALMOST FORGOT... anyone remember the earthquake pyramids to build vigor or constitution (whatever) LOL those were the days ! 500 players stacked 10 layers high with a few people casting earthquake below ... it was like 500 sulfur admission to join ... the GM was so mad! LOL good times ;)
  • Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member UncommonPosts: 569
    edited November 2018
    Hi. Good to see someone else who was playing. This game really does need more attention from the PvP crowd. I'm surprised there's not more interest in this regard. Perhaps that has something to do with the aged graphics, or the FFA PvP and full loot? Still, compared to how some players bark about how tough they're, I'd expect more to be here or at New Dawn. These companies are trying to survive and could use the extra playerbase to pay their bills.
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