Bluehole announces Project W : A:IR "Ascent: Infinite Realm"



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    Mikeha said:
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    As an eastern mmo fan I cant wait to see more.

    Finally a AAA PVP mmo.


    ArcheAge, Aion, BDO..... to name a few

    LOL dude, 

    BDO and ArcheAGE are not pvp mmos. Aion was when it launched but it got watered down. A pvp mmo is something like Lineage 2. 

    So a game where you can kill another player without consent is not a PvP MMO? 



    Just because you can kill another player does not make a mmo a pvp mmo.  

    But to each their own. Maybe ArcheAge and BDO are what a pvp mmo is to you but not me. 

    But that's not what you said - you said finally a "AAA PVP" MMO - which would mean that so far there hasn't been any. 

    It's a general statement about the state of all AAA PVP MMOs, how could anyone reading that figure out that you're really talking about a personal idea of what constitutes a PvP MMO for you?


    Come on dude, 

    Common sense has to kick in at some point. 

    Your sig, Wushu 2. The music, I got straight emotional, I had to hold back the flood of memories. 

    We'll see how this goes, but I know what I'm waiting for.
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    I'm worried that this game could have the same awful combat from Tera since it's the same developer. I hope they learned to do action combat from the other games that did it right after them. I wouldn't even mind if they shamelessly rip off BDO's combat. As long as they don't bring Tera all over again.
    I liked Tera's combat.   Slow enough that it felt RPG like, fast enough that it felt good to actually dodge/fight/whatever.

    Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent.

    "At one point technology meant making tech that could get to the moon, now it means making tech that could get you a taxi."

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    More info from Bluehole

    According to the Korean site the world of A:IR is called "하스". Translated in English would mean Harth. 

    According to the Lore : 

    "The home of all life that existed, and the place where humanity lived. However, Harth was destroyed by the desire of human beings—and those who survived the great catastrophe moved to the islands floating on Harth."

    I don't know if this will be the official translation. Will have to wait on Kakao on an official English translation. 
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    World Map

    More detailed World Map

    As you can see, the world is a bunch of small continents and small islands floating in the sky. 
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