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Swtor: New pvp map and more "upcoming patch"

DragnelusDragnelus Member EpicPosts: 3,486
edited October 2017 in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Cartel Market item to boost to level 70

With this item, you can boost any character to level 70 and will receive a full Tier 1 gear set (rating 230).
Cartel Market description:

Master's Datacron and Equipment Bundle
Promote a character to level 70 and experience the story with all your abilities!Includes 1 Master's Datacron: Promote your current character to level 70. No story progress is completed using this item.Includes 1: Eternal Commander Equipment Lootbox: Contains a full set of equipment tailored to your current discipline.The Master's Datacron and Eternal Commander Equipment Lootbox are bound to Legacy.Master's Datacron additionally grants you your playership and ship-droid companion so that you can immediately travel the galaxy.

Master's Datacron: Explore the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic at maximum level!With the wisdom contained within the Master's Datacron, you have reached max level! Be sure to select your Discipline if you haven't already (default: K).You have also been granted Eternal Commander Equipment appropriate to your Class and Discipline. Plus, you now have access to a personal droid companion to aid you in your journeys (if you didn't have one already).Now that you've attained max level, an entire galaxy of adventure awaits. Use your personal starship or galaxy map (default: Shift+ M) to start exploring!

Warning message:
You are about to boost this character to level 70. No mission progress will be advanced, allowing you to complete the entire story at max level. This process is irreversible.

Changes to group finder
While we don't know much about the 5.5.1 Group Finder revamp, based on the following strings it appears that there will be a infinitely repeatable reward (while currently, all rewards are daily). Also, there will be an indicator on which role is currently missing in the queue (heal, tank or DPS).
Repeatable reward available
Repeatable reward unavailable with current selections

And more:
Utility changes for 5.6



  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 1,308
    edited November 2017
    Waiting for a full fledge x-pack with plenty of content, instead we getting chapters you complete in 30min :/ then have to wait for 1-3 months for the next one.

    Yes I have several alts but I'm not really a alt gamer.
  • HuntrezzHuntrezz Member UncommonPosts: 92
    edited November 2017
    Love/hate relationship here for me.  When the new content comes out it's great, however it also short and finished too quickly.  Time between releases of content can also be hard to wait for at times.  I also have many alts but don't pvp at all.  Level 70 is nice for some, I wonder if it has content restrictions like the level 60 one did.  I know some players were really upset they couldn't go back and play the Darth Revan expansion once they did the level 60 immediate promotion.
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