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  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 6,960
    gervaise1 said:
    Alomar said:
    This thread is still going eh? As someone from the hardcore segment whose put thousands of hours into ESO and refuses to play it anymore, I must say it isn't a bad game. While I wouldn't recommend it to other hardcore players unless they want to get frustrated/bored and leave after a few months, but for the large segment of less-hardcore/casual players this truly is a gem. 

    Almost every post-launch change has been more and more in this direction, and honestly even though it's caused me and my hundreds of friends/guildies to leave it's drawn in thousands more to replace us that they earn more money from. I'm not sure why anyone's complaining about the combat in ESO, the only better modern (non-boring ass tab target) are within niche games with no where near comparable populations and success. 

    If you don't mind traditional questing then the sheer amount of content that comes with the base game and a subscription is going to take you months - 1 year for casual players to adequately get through. By that time you should be able to justify whether or not you sink any more money into the content the subscription doesn't afford you access to. 
    Agree. You are more likely to get bored tackling the  year (and probably then some given the quarterly content drops) before you run out of content. 

    Although given the comment above about the game being expensive I feel it worth re-iterating that you don't need to subscribe and purchasing the DLC doesn't cost that much.
    I wouldn't as much say bored as having a different motivation to play. As Alomar mentioned, this game isn't really for the "hardcore" (or at least I agree with him on this perspective). It feels more of trying to explore story lines and tackle things with friends on a more casual level without an actual true focus other than just to enjoy an ES game that happens to be online. So in that regard, I feel it does pretty well. For people trying to find more than that I think they will be disappointed.
  • BananaSoupBananaSoup Member UncommonPosts: 180
    Rhoklaw said:
    On a scale of TSW to BDO, I would rate ESO as above average in combat.
    Comparing to BDO even my poop is average.
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