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RF Online EU Europe returning this year 2017

nedius004nedius004 Member UncommonPosts: 53
So like title says rf online europe is returning this year by 4game europe 4game russia that is running rf online for 10 years same company but difrent region this might be good for rf online europe.
The only thing i now yet is that it wil be classic server so i think by that they mean same version like rf online usa.
First wil be closet beta stil for this year open beta i dont now yet u can sign up ad the website and hope u can play closet beta.
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  • nedius004nedius004 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Hey everyone!

    In the middle of the next week, we are finally launching the CBT! Yey!

    The access to the CBT will have only those who have left the applications on the website below. 
    That's is how CLOSED Beta Test works.

    If you see this post on your mobile device, save the link to register from your PC later.

    See you soon! And thanks for the patience!

    u can stil register on the website for closet beta acces

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