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[PC] Naudica Gaming Looking for Members!!

Naudica777Naudica777 Member UncommonPosts: 5
Naudica Gaming is a growing eSports organization committed to progressing and excelling in a variety of games and platforms. The goal of the organization is to develop a friendly and competitive community with a shared passion for games. Our vision is ambitious, and we seek quality players and personalities to match!
Naudica Gaming offers opportunities for all playstyles. Exceptional individuals and online personalities are invited to participate–and stream–as we engage in a variety of exciting and informative Destiny 2 content:

• Progression Raiding – Improve your skill with the best. The Destiny chapter leadership have extensive years of multi-faceted experience across gaming genres and are currently recruiting for strike teams and raid groups throughout the North American evening and late-night time zones.

• Nightfall Mission Runs – Do you enjoy the challenge that small group content can offer? So do we! We are looking to build small Nightfall teams to push Prestige!

• Class Discussions and Think-tanks – Are you constantly seeking ways to improve your gameplay, class tactics, or encounter execution? Why not share ideas with like-minded individuals across the community?

• Narrated Guides – Been itching to try your hand at making videos and post-recording media? Whether it's your hobby or your passion, let us help to bring your in-game experiences to life and provide a medium for them to be shared.

• PvP – The heart of eSports. Crucible teams, a trail of blood in our wake. Leadership positions are available for PvP-minded players willing to manage and grow these teams.

Don’t let your success as a gamer go unnoticed. Be a pivotal part of an eSports organization where your accomplishments will be recognized and broadcast.

Where to apply
Come check us out at go to the forum section!
You can also apply on our Bungie site at
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