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STO RP Community - 38th Fleet Argo

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38th Fleet 'Argo'


Welcome to the 38th Fleet 'Argo" recruitment post.  Argo is a casual medium-to-heavy RP fleet in Star Trek Online (STO) that's currently looking to continue to grow the RP community and share our vision of Starfleet and the Star Trek IP.

Fun and respect is our OOC directive, with casual playtimes and a serious dedication to a no-stress no-drama environment.

We host regular in-game events involving straight RP, foundry events, PvE content, or a mix, and strong forum activity as well. Forum contribution is not required, but we do use it heavily to convey information and host fleet contests.

We have been around since 2010, and continue to have an active playerbase and integrated RP community.

Our vision of Star Trek RP involves a few key aspects:
1. We operate IC as a fleet assigned to the Aldebaran sector.  We have a starbase and multiple active starship squadrons, which offers RP opportunities to both ship captains, ship crews, and starbase support staff as well as Romulan officers and civilians.
2. We value unique characters and stories, and do not accept characters from borrowed IP.
3. We emphasize quality RP. To this end, we try to keep our characters inline with more common character traits and capabilities, and we appreciate the English language. If you know the difference between alot and a lot, and use roughly proper grammar in your roleplay, we're interested!

IC Premise:
Argo's operations are based on Deep Space 13, with a number of Federation ships answering to that command. This allows us to have a variety of roleplay opportunities, from starbase counselors and doctors, to bartenders, research facility postings, captains, commanders, and other junior officer positions on other players' ships. So if you already have a position in mind, it's likely we'll have a place for you!  Our vision of Starfleet and the current situation can be found in this area of our forums:

If you are interested please stop by our application page:

or you can contact any of our staff in game:

We're always willing to answer questions and assist whenever possible.

Argo Admin Team

Above all else... never ever piss off the penguin.

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