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XodicXodic Member RarePosts: 772

My sight wasn’t coke-bottle terrible, but I did have astigmatism in both eyes, with my left eye being the worst. The first pair of glasses that I bought had all the bells and whistles that set me back $800, and that was with good insurance. Those glasses lasted two annual eye exams, and then my prescription changed. After that, I started buying the cheap birth-control glasses.


Playing games while wearing the glasses would cause my eyes to feel strained, and I would often get headaches, in hindsight it was most likely due to the glare and the visual opening of the lenses. I had a 30 minute tolerance to any game that required tracking fast moving objects. I sort of just accepted the fact that I was just getting old, and I never really tried to analyze the cause and effect of what was happening to me.


Today marks the third day of my recovery from LASIK IntraLase eye surgery, and words really can’t explain the difference. It’ll take up to 6 months to fully recover, but the current results are beyond amazing. I now have 20/15 vision and it’s like going from a blurry 480p to a sharp ultra HD. I don’t actually remember ever having vision this good, even as a kid. I played Escape from Tarkov last night for 3 hours straight with no strain, and no headaches.


I wanted to share this in hopes that it will provide insight to someone who may be having the same issues. You can spend all the money in the world on monitors and glasses trying to fit your needs, but a better solution may be a 15 minute procedure.


For anyone that’s curious, I had it done by Dr. Eugene Smith at LASIK Plus in Atlanta Georgia for $3,680.

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