Space MMO options?



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    check this out !
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    OK, thanks guys!  Yeah, if Star Citizen truly is 3+ years away, no use getting hyped for it now.  I'm already waiting on Camelot Unchained.
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    3+ years away for SC? maybe.

    It is still pre alpha, even though CR claims 3.0 is akin to EA.

    So, they have to actually hit Alpha, finish adding/removing features, hit Beta, add polish, squash bugs, etc, then hit something that actually resembles a release worthy client.

    Problem is, since CR made his statement about a Minimal Viable Product, combined with his claim that 3.0 is akin to EA, none of the usual Alpha - Beta  - release will apply to SC.

    CR could decide that 3.0 is enough, once Evocati have had it a while, and it get's into general backers hands.

    In that case, SC release could be just a few months away. 

    As for the OP and Avorion, is it really an MMO or just co op? how many players per server?

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    Excession said:

    As for the OP and Avorion, is it really an MMO or just co op? how many players per server?
    Did you miss the memo ? Anything with more than 1 person is an mmo now.
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    Hmm, Avorion does actually look pretty cool.
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    I second and third Vendetta-Online, an incredible game that is highly under-rated and does not get the attention it deserves. I enjoyed it more than EVE Online when I used to play. 


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    This made me miss Earth and Beyond even more
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    Empryion is another interesting space game.  I have quite a bit of fun doing ship pvp and the building aspect is very good.
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    Ascent - The Space Game

    Not the best looking game but crapload of stuff to do.

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    Dual Universe, an upcoming sci-fi MMO:

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    Scorchien said:
    STO is a really good game and you can play F2P right to max lvl ..

      You have to play STO to lvl 30 tho , build up crew and ship load out , get used to interface and it becomes very fun

    OK.  Maybe I quit too early.  I was really disappointed in the ship combat.  Just jamming the space bar and then firing photon torpedoes.  Does it get better?
    You can add a bit more to the combat by playing missions at higher difficulty levels. This adds the possibility of ship system damage and crew injuries. They also give better mission rewards, depending on the level of difficulty you select.

    I don't know if you would feel that better, but at least that option exists.
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