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Please recommand gaming headset with the best microphone

freedomaniafreedomania Member UncommonPosts: 18
i looking gaming headset with the best microphone
i don't care price
thank you


  • XodicXodic Member RarePosts: 839
    edited October 2017
    Unless I'm lost in the sauce, there is no such thing as a gaming headset - those are just headphones with flashy shit splashed all over them and maybe a cool light show staged on your head. 

    Basically what you're looking for is a condenser mic built into a headset. They don't make many of them. 

    They are by no means cheap, expect to pay several hundred to a thousand dollars for a good one. You may need XLR cables and perhaps an amplifier for some, so read carefully before you purchase. Once you go this route, you're spoiled for life.  I own the HSC271, link below.

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  • PhryPhry Member EpicPosts: 9,525
    I used to use headphones with mic's but honestly, they aren't generally much cop unless you are willing to remortgage your house to buy one, these days i use a standalone mic, they are cheaper, though i use that word loosely as its more of a cheaper by comparison kind of thing, than them actually being cheap! and tend to be of better quality and less likely to be easily damaged than those you get as part of the whole headphone package and you don't have to practically eat the things for them to work, being within a couple of feet of the things is usually enough so that makes them far less intrusive than sticking something practically to the side of your mouth, if you intend to podcast/stream etc. then a standalone mic is better, most podcasters i follow use standalones probably for that reason, though  i have to say if your family has problems with the amount of 'noise' you make when playing games then headphones might be your only option. :/
  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,016
    I routinely get compliments from other gamers in Overwatch and other games while wearing these:

    It's the best pair of headphones I've ever owned aside from my other pair of Sennheisers that I use for music.
  • freedomaniafreedomania Member UncommonPosts: 18
    thank you guy for your recommended
  • DarkswormDarksworm Member UncommonPosts: 747
    I will use EarPods before I pay $150+ for a headset...  Lol.
  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 5,808
    I use a stand-alone condenser mic. Need to use an anti-vibration stand as it picks up key press vibrations and fan vibrations.
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 17,011
    HyperX Cloud II
    silent protagonist, dirty mmo gamer, filthy casual
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