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Fraudulent Marketing and Frivalous Banning UPDATED

All my complaints about the game have been resolved but I still want to run this poll for a while longer



  • dopefish18dopefish18 Member Posts: 163

    yes manufacturers are responsible for those problems..but we shouldnt have to stop playing the game just because of that small problem...who kn0ws developers are doing to solve these little problems without us players knowing....just be patient guys...

    dont u dare start playing MMORPG unless u want to be hooked

  • JorevJorev Member Posts: 1,500

    Not sure where you bought the game, but you should be able to return it to whomever you bought it from for a full refund including shipping costs if the product was misadvertised. Companies can ask UPS or whomever to issue a prepaid return invoice.

    If they refuse, call your credit card company and ask them to get a refund for being misled about the product.

    "We feel gold selling and websites that promote it damage games like Vanguard and will do everything possible to combat it."
    Brad McQuaid
    Chairman & CEO, Sigil Games Online, Inc.
    Executive Producer, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

  • spafonspafon Member UncommonPosts: 54

    I have finally been contacted by the Planetwide Games People and they have satisfactorily answered my questions; I will pass the information on to you.

    The 100s of quests will be added as they are developed and each upgrade should have new quests.

    The seige weapons are on the way and have been tried to some extent in previous tests.

    The problems with the tournament is being addressed and and there will be changes to prevent cheating.

    They have not been able to come up with a solution that will satisfy everyone but the Azreal server is for new players and the Iveria server for experienced players. If you want to start playing and never have you should play on the Azreal server..

    Spawn camping is being addressed and changes will be made to eventually eliminate it or at least remove the any advantages to doing it.

    The staff have been made aware of the attitude problem with what turns out to be unpaid volunteer GMs who may have overstepped their authority and there will be a freindlier attitude toward disgruntaled players. The rules still apply so don't think this is an invitation to get abusive, if you do you will be banned and I support that. But frivalous banning will be curtailed.

    All things considered I have been satisfied with their responce and they have reinstated me to the game and the forums and I have decided to raise my rating of the game from 5 to 8 and hope to give ity a 10 someday in the future.

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