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Features, but without gimmicks

Gimmicks !....... Cause and bad effect.

Try and figure this stuff out: 

Level scaling,
Guildwars 2 is the master of carrot-on-a-stick. two quest per quest hub then move to the left, two more quest then move another block to the left. Play about twenty levels then open your map and check your progress..... Now, what have you done ?..... Depending on your starting zone and race, you moved to your left or moved from top to bottom.  This would make it impossible to Co-op.  What's the cheap fix ?...... Level scaling as a band-aid.  So many games have this two quest per hub broken feature.  GW2, ESO, Rift, and almost every game that followed.

Fast leveling,
Who asked for Superman mode ?..... No one that who !..... 80 levels, but level every twenty minuets. 
- How do you have friends ?
- How do you play with your guild ?
- How is this mmo ?
Fast leveling has one good advantage.  The game is made cheap !

Auto group, dynamic events,
YES, this is a re-hash of an ago old topic.  Well yes, I'm talking about it again.  It DOES NOT BELONG in an mmo if developers want any kind of co-op or Guild play..... period !..... You can't argue this, its not arguable. 

Personal stories,
If developers add a forced feature, you have no choice !..... You will do your story.
"Hay Joe, would you like to play together ?" 
"No I'm doing part 19 of my story"   

Dungeon Finder, LFG
Thank GOD this broken feature is apparent and talked about.... No need to go into detail. 

FF14 is an abomination of FF11because of it's 250 part story driven, fast leveling, auto group, LFD.  It's a solo experience with a mini game of Dungeon crawling with others.  I always found it odd that forced dungeon were part of this HUGE chain quest.... I guess that's a trait of Asian development.  I guess they feel guilty that it's not a social setting so they add forced dungeons into the mix so they can say "see, it's co-op".

I'm absolutely floored.......I'm completely amazed !
Nothing at all is built for co-op, friends, community or Guilds.  Then when a company comes along to make a deep and rich game full of features that involves a community, it's tagged as Old or Old School. 

1+1 doesn't seem to add up to 2 any more.
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