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September News Letter Hints Of Stream Coming Soon


Summer's Ending but Pantheon's Just Getting Started


Posted date / 09.13.17

Here we go with another newsletter, and this one is jam-packed with lots of goodies. We're sure you're eager to start digging in so let's see what we’ve got in store.

First, we have a state of the game breakdown. We want to continue to improve our communication with you, our valued community, and as a part of that effort we'll take a look at what the team has been working on this past month.

Next, we take a first look at what the art department has been doing with the internal game client. As part of Series A completion we were able to bring on a technical artist, among other staff, and Bruno and team dove right in to a lighting pass. What does this mean? In short, the game looks way cooler and we have an interview with Bruno to tell us a bit about the process and its effects on the game.

We've got a few screens to see these visual changes but that got us thinking: how else could we show you this content? Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way we could talk to the dev team live to tell us more about lighting? If only there was a way we could sort of "stream" this info directly to your screen. We've got something "twitching" in the back of our minds on this one. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter over the next week to find out more.

And last, but not least, take your shoes off, sit back, and have a hot cocoa with Kilsin as he and Manouk have a chat in this week's community spotlight.

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