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The RNG here is awful

TalonsinTalonsin Member EpicPosts: 3,619
For those of you who have not played this game, you can earn game currency and buy "loot Llamas" which open and give you cards of things.  Survivor cards act like gear and modify your health/damage/shields.  You can not buy the hero or weapon cards you want, you have to open Llamas and hope you get something good. 

To make matters worse, lets say you get a legendary sword card you dont want.  You can not trade it since it is a blueprint.  You can make the sword for your friend but all weapons wear out in a short amount of time so he will be back to ask for another one later in the week.

Llamas can also be purchased with real money so those with bigger wallets have more of a chance of getting the best heroes/gear/weapons. 

The first zone is fun and when you start it seems like it rains Llama's but after you get some hours in, that rain dries up.  It could have been an awesome game but the decision to assign heroes/gear/weapons based on RNG is bad.
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  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 6,997
    edited September 2017
    I agree that this is one of the biggest flaws in the game.

    I'm ok with the virtual currency getting choked off later in the game. It shouldn't rain like candy all the time, and it doesn't dry up completely if you are actually playing missions and such regularly, but it is a very sudden and jarring change right now.

    If there were a way you could either trade blueprints, buy specific blueprints or have them as occasional rewards for missions ("help a buddy" random queue should either straight up reward blueprints or a regular llama, the minis don't drop crap), have blueprints be a (very rare) chest drop in worlds, and/or evolve the quality of a blueprint (in addition to the level of a blueprint) - then it would be a bit better system.

    Right now the only way to get blueprints and heroes, apart from some specific one-time quest rewards, is via the llamas.

    The Collections was supposed to be the mechanism that you deal with duplicates and unwanted blueprints/heroes, and the rewards (at least thus far for me, at about L35 Collections) are pretty generous. I think it's an ok idea, but doesn't really accomplish what they are trying to accomplish with it. You get so many duplicates and Collections only accepts repeats of repeats if they are of higher level, and leveling blueprints just to dump them into the book is ... not the best idea and turns counter productive very quickly. 

    I think "Collections" would be better served if the rewards were scaled down a bit, and instead of giving up a blueprint to enter it, any blueprints you get are automatically flagged in the book just for owning them. Scaling the rewards down compensates for the fact that you aren't losing the blueprint anymore (and can still recycle it for XP), but if your missing that one last card, and it's the one you happen to use every day, you would still get credit for it, rather than having to sacrifice it.

    It's also annoying that, for whatever reason, my account is shared between PS4 and PC, which is awesome, but my currency earned is not. 
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