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Anyone else want Shadow of Mordor set in Warhammer universe?

MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 855
I really enjoyed Shadow of Mordor, It was a fresh breeze of gaming experience but during my playtime 2 years ago I thought, damn this game would have been much more epic if it was set in Warhammer universe.

Warhammer universe has so much more when it comes to races in a war torn world, the entire gameworld are about war, think about all those DLCs, play as Chaos, play as Skaven, play as a....whatever, the amount of Lore and how much you can make from Warhammer IP are staggering, Don't get me wrong I really love Tolkien and the books, read them 3 times and the history and Simallirion but the Middle Earth world are not as dark and bloody and gritty as Warhammer world are.

I would love to see a game called Shadow of Warhammer.


  • GorweGorwe Member RarePosts: 4,442
    edited September 2017
    Yeah and Dragon Age set in Warhammer. Oh and Dark Souls and Skyrim. That'd be all! Tyvm!

    edit: Nah, it's not all. I forgot Diablo. ;)
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  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn Member RarePosts: 3,091
    TBH, I really wish they would come up with LOTRO 2.  I really like the setting, LOTRO just feels old and tired to me.

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 1,884
    Any sort of open world RPG set in the Warhammer or 40k universes would suit me. Despite such a great IP, we almost always seem to get dogshit games. 

    SoM probably wouldn't be my choice in terms of mechanics to copy. I'd rather have something like Skyrim - whilst the combat would be worse than SoM, the rest would be better and I prefer the freedom.
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