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Help Dark Matter to Find a New Home. Sci-Fi Fans Unite.

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 43
edited September 2017 in Off-Topic Discussion
For every Sci-Fi Fan out there o/

Please check this http://www.mmorpg.com/blogs/Fedaygin/092017 & the Latest post there done today in 6th of September 2017 :) Take a look at Links on that post. Show support for the crew by sharing anywhere u can think of & join for Friday's Mass Tweet event :) Also Sign up for the Petition that's put into 1st link on Blog Post. More info about Friday's Mass Tweet in here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/338514223005377/permalink/683046675218795/

Remember to use H.Tag given by @ DarkMatterFTL twitter account.
Also here's how u can contact AMC Network to save Dark Matter & ask new Home for DM. http://www.amcnetworks.com/contact-us Rumor is that they have some high seat employees who r interested in giving new home for Dark Matter Crew..

Peace & Thanks o/

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