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Is there a free trial?

doobsterdoobster Member Posts: 736
I'd like to try this game.


  • KalvynKalvyn Member Posts: 56

    I was looking for a free trial for the new expansion. I think they offer a regular free trial for Dark Majesty, but I really want to just try the newer expansion...and I also want to see a non-bot server, but I guess you gotta take the good with the bad ::::01::

  • ElapsedElapsed Member UncommonPosts: 2,329

    There is no free trial at the moment. Maybe Turbine will wise up and make one but I wouldn't bet on it too soon since the expansion was just released. They want people to go out and buy it before they start offering a trial to everyone.

  • MorriganMorrigan Member Posts: 242

    Spent 30 for the game, got a free month. Enjoying this immensely.

    Graphics update is nice (will never be anything like what is out today, but nicer than it was), waitiing to see what is "unlocked" graphics wise in Aug and Sept for those that did purchase TOD. After that, we shall see if I continue.

    Right now, it is wonderful seeing a bot free Dereth!

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  • doobsterdoobster Member Posts: 736
    Ok well, how much money would i need to spend right now if i wanted to play the game and the new expansion.  (I am bad at doing this because i dontk now if i need the original game, or any previous expansions , or what. .. )
  • FalconoffuryFalconoffury Member Posts: 555

    Throne of Destiny isn't just an addon of AC, it's the whole game. Go to a software or gaming store and pick it up for about 30 dollars. It's worth it. This game is lots of fun.

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