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Why people now hate early access:



  • postlarvalpostlarval Member EpicPosts: 2,003
    Elsabolts said:
    Kyleran cut them some slack there working on facial recognition features as we speak.
    The really important stuff to soothe the screeching of the all-too-common gamer primate.

    With them, the "shiny shiny" wins every time. 
    ~~ postlarval ~~

  • Aron_SwordmasterAron_Swordmaster Member UncommonPosts: 181
    Eldurian said:
    Been messing around with what they have released currently in Star Citizen the last couple of days. Not too shabby for the most part.

    That's the stuff that's right around the corner. A lot of is testable already. Some of it isn't. "Vaporware" is really getting good these days.

    Eldurian, don't forget, recently informed us that he is a Real Money Trader, and is heavily invested in Star Citizen and Shroud for that very purpose.  But I'm sure that this post isn't biased in the slightest bit into encouraging people to join a game he expects to make a profit off. Not at all.

    Recently, I had the pleasure of discovering that one of the most awful people in the Shroud community, who had insulted and abused the critics, whilst constantly posting how he didn't RMT, yet he knew a "friend" had made their way up to a player owned town purely through in game buying and selling... turned out to have changed his profile name to hide that he was indeed an RMT, and was actually the person behind organising the review bombing of Shroud on Steam. As well as haranguing people to not undercut the market to help others, because it would kill the game... he actually listed helping people find joy in the game as a negative.

    So here's another reason why people hate Early Access then...

    Even before the game is even finished, you end up finding yourself in the middle of exceptionally dishonest attempts to manipulate public perception of it, and silence critics because of either a financial, or emotional investment in it being seen as a success. What people actually think when they get into game becomes irrelevant; people have to buy it no matter what, so you can either sell them some of your digital stock before they become disillusioned and quit, or just buy the game so you can point to sales figures and say "See? Told you I was right!". 

    The idea of open criticism so the developers themselves can address issues and make a game people actually want to play often goes right out the window. 

    And even when Developers might want to avoid that and want the useful feedback (It's doubtful Shroud's do, but Star Citizen I don't know enough about to say)  unless they spend a lot of time sleuthing out their user base to work out who are the unselfish, honest actors and who is just putting out bumf to try and sucker people in to then sell them the add ons you're fundraising on, they will only be able to judge who is loudest, not best informed.

    Just like Democracy, it's a wonderful idea in practice... until the snouts get into the troughs.
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,970
    I think it's pretty obvious who shouldn't be participating in crowd funded ventures by this thread. The question is why do you keep mucking about in it.
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  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 14,421
    Torval said:
    I think it's pretty obvious who shouldn't be participating in crowd funded ventures by this thread. 
    Anyone with sense? Final answer.
    “Microtransactions? In a single player role-playing game? Are you nuts?” 

    "... the "influencers" which is the tech name we call sell outs now..."
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  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 2,736
    @Aron_Swordmaster - Please stop lying and straight up making stuff up about me every single chance you get. You have a serious problem with the truth as I've already pointed out to you in another topic, and I'm going to keep calling you on it every time you pull "facts" out of your butt so you might want to separate your actual knowledge from assumptions if you are capable of that. 

    I've already made my money off of Star Citizen. The market was hot for ships purchased during the initial kickstarter and then flipped at a later date. I did flip an Idriss M I had 50% ownership of and four auras for nearly 400% what I bought them for making a handsome profit for myself and the other guy who went in on the Idriss with me.

    However at this point all of the remaining ships I own, I own because I want to fly them. None of them except my Super Hornet (My original ship that came with all my first wave backer perks + an upgrade purchased later) are worth substantially more than what I paid for them. I would not sell any of my current SC assets unless I was super hard up for cash as they all have useful applications for what I intend to do in-game. In short, my current interest in Star Citizen has nothing to do with RMT.

    SoTA I bought a regular copy of (Discounted from a third party) with no additional perks so I can farm and sell resources, like 2-3 months ago. How is that heavily invested?

    I've never done all this cloak and dagger crap you keep accusing me of. I've been very upfront about my RMT tendencies. I don't have anything to hide, I'm not ashamed of it. I'm actually pretty proud I financed an across country move to be with my partner of 3+ years now with ships bought in a video game.

    @Kyleran - MMOs are not the sum of all their parts but at this point I'm judging SC on what they have delivered. The FPS portion is quite rough but it functions. The dogfighting and racing are actually quite fun. Each of these portions make up decent stand alone games. I haven't done much with the PTU yet but my friends who have think it's quite fun.

    The game is intensely skill based. It's the most challenging game I've played since the original Darkfall and every element of it really feels like it's own separate insanely skill based game to master. 

    While I've already promised my fiance I would commit fully to the next ArcheAge fresh start server with her, I'm personally at the point with the game and what it offers that I would actually be willing to main game it as it is right now if I hadn't made those prior commitments. I probably will do so as soon as those commitments are fulfilled because I know it's a game that's fun enough as is that it will hold my attention for years to come. I mean I've been contenting myself with indie MMOs for years because I can't abide WoW clones anymore, and it's already twice the game that many of my old favorites are.

    I'm not expecting to step into the SC MMO for the next 2-5 years, and I'm not expecting to see it be a polished/non-buggy product until 3 years after that, but I consider what they have right now to be fun enough to merit my time. And their development pace actually continues to exceed the expectations I've set for it.

  • strykr619strykr619 Member UncommonPosts: 281
    OP must have a PoS bank because if a game fails that I've backed, I just do a charge back and my money comes back to me within 10 business days. 
  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 2,736
    strykr619 said:
    OP must have a PoS bank because if a game fails that I've backed, I just do a charge back and my money comes back to me within 10 business days. 
    Or just sell your accounts. Even with Pathfinder Online you could sell your account for more than what you paid for it at the point any reasonable person should have known that game was going to flop.
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