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Are game companies following the law on gambling (ones located in the US)



  • Beatnik59Beatnik59 Member UncommonPosts: 2,413
    My definition for gambling is very simple:

    "A real transaction where a fixed price nets a random result."

    A minigame where fake currency is wagered for fake currency is not gambling; it is not a real transaction , because no real currency is spent or gained.

    An auction is not gambling, because it is a fixed result for a random price.

    A cash store where items are purchased is not gambling, because it is a fixed result for a fixed price.

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  • JosephLymanJosephLyman Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    edited August 2020

    I wish I could include even DLC packs as a form of gambling because even Ubisoft is trying to make out a market in its games ( selling in-game clothes for the main character, different types of swords and other weapons) A child don't really understand what that means, and with pleasure will spend 20% on a gun in GTA and so on. It is really funny because even in different Casinos as nha cai W88 is they don't try to make you run out of money, but Ubisoft, Activision are taking their chances.

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