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Battlefront 2 space battles look great, but this game will fail because EA gives no sh**s!

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edited August 2017 in General Gaming

I was looking forward to this game; that is until I picked up Battlefront on sale through Origin a few weeks ago ($10) and found it not even worth that. The reason? Hackers have destroyed the multiplayer aspects of this game; which in my opinion is the only aspect of the game worth playing. For the most part you have to play multiplayer to actually play any of the cool new DLC that you paid for, or unlock anything of use in any part of the game (including the app game). 

You go into the multiplayer lobby, wait for 15min to be assigned empty game mode. Ok so maybe I will try random game. Big surprise; Walker assault! (only game mode anyone actually plays it seems). So you go in to a game already in progress only to be instantly hit by mass amounts of lag, ping goes to shit like you aren't even connected to the server, then death from a random player the teleports to your location then vanishes like a fart in the wind. These players are using speed hacks and aim bots; EA allows it to happen knowing it would cost to much to try and bother combating it.

The only way in my opinion they could make things right is to allow those DLC game modes to be playable in offline mode against AI. At least I could actually try some of the content in the game; that or put a stop to the hackers so you can actually play against real people on your level. Whoever has the most hackers on their side wins from what I've seen. So is this the same level of craptastic multiplayer gameplay I should look forward to in Battlefront 2? If so hard pass. I love Star Wars, and the story looks cool, but I can't give them my money knowing this is what I get for it. 

/rant off

So question. Has anyone heard anything about what they are doing to not make multiplayer be such a suckfest for PC gamers? If so, I may change my mind.

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