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Foxhole is an MMO that other MMOs should look at when it comes to "Real World Economy" and crafting

DrDread74DrDread74 Member UncommonPosts: 306
Foxhole is a WWII themed game that looks like Albion Online in a way but it pulls off what games like that haven't done well. There are no classes or skills, you can pick up a gun or take med kits or assemble and fire artillery or be the guys in the back supplying EVERY SINGLE weapon, ammo, tank,  defenses and even "Supplies" that are used whenever someone dies and has to respawn.  The "Crafters" are the guys in the back of the line harvesting parts and creating everything needed to actually fight. When you want to "go to war" you have to pick up weapons and ammo (of which there are like 50 types  that all have different uses) from a Forward base but the weapons and ammo stocked there are ENTIRELY what someone else is putting together and placing there. If no one put anything into the forward bases, you will be using your fists and if there are no supplies to respawn you when you die, the base falls.

There are 100-120 players per area you are fighting in and most of them are working in the supply chain to supply a handful of fighters at the front 

If you don't like the game itself it's fine, but you should try it because Its the way all crafting items in all games should be done.
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  • ManWithNoTanManWithNoTan Member UncommonPosts: 63
    Been watching videos for this game. Seems like it could be fun.
  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 1,944
    edited August 2017
    So are you saying the game is good because of the economy's dependence on crafters or because the crafting system itself is actually good?

    Dependence on crafters is a pretty common theme in sandbox MMOs (EVE, Darkfall, Wurm etc.). You have either full crafted economies or economies where crafting is of greater importance than loot drop.

    In-fact you even get that in ArcheAge to some degree with the top tiers of crafted gear eventually becoming significantly better than anything found through loot.

    What else sets it apart?
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