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BioWare Montreal Absorbed by EA Motive - Mass Effect: Andromeda - MMORPG.com



  • bigb671bigb671 Member UncommonPosts: 22

    Aeander said:

    Bioware Montreal's only two games have been laughably mediocre entries.

    Dragon Age Inquisition was boredom incarnate. An inferior cast of characters, a lack of compelling choices, poor combat, non-existent class balance, and horrid MMO style questing in a single player game do not a competent RPG make. It was a game without a soul, and the only reason it even gets recognition is because Dragon Age 2 was considered to be even worse.

    Mass Effect Andromeda was, compared to Dragon Age Inquisition, one step forward and two steps back. The combat and classes now felt great to utilize, but everything else was flat out worse. The cast went from inferior to previous offerings to straight up tofu levels of bland. The story alternated between laughable and embarrassing. The dialogue frequently felt like it was pulled directly from a soap opera. Quite frankly, the animation issues were only the embarrassing icing on the cake that perfectly visually encapsulated the rest of the experience.

    Bioware Edmonton developed Inquisition and then moved on Anthem. Montreal's only game was Andromeda.
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