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Necro is unfinished i would not buy this class yet @ August/2017

GoromhirGoromhir Member UncommonPosts: 461
edited July 2017 in Diablo 3
OMG ! Blizzard what have you done ?  

Youtube is croweded by obviously independant paid Blizzard advertisers that are claiming how great the Necro class is..... shady independent game testers that are all soooo happy about the new Necro class without mentioning the flaws this class has..

A horrible bad pet set like "Rathma" which forces the player to recast a stupid Mage Pet pet over and over to keep up the damage. I think this has to be the worst way to play Diablo 3 ever.
The Blizzard developers set all the timers to low so that the player is ending up to use a Autcast MouseMacro to recast the mages all time and that only if the stupid Essence source is high enough. OMG.... 

Who wants to track his stupid Mages with their 4-10 second timers all the time every few seconds ???? 
Thats not fun and comfortable gameplay its unconfortable and no fun at all....

If you guys want to play a Pet class dont get the Necro yet.. just keep the Witch Doctor for now

The only way currently to play a Necromancer with fun is  the "INARIUS" Set..... There are better classes for this playstyle too

that Necro expansion not worth $14.99 right now...... i feel screwed
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