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LF a traditional semi loot pvp mmorpg

NacarioNacario Member UncommonPosts: 222
As the title suggests, does such a game exist in our day and age? If it does it surely must be some years old, and I dont mind it being outdated in graphics as long as gameplay is spot on with the risk in open world. I miss playing a game where you can loot the corpses of players you kill, where you can loot inventory (not full loot as in gear) - all of this in an open world setting. I know of Albion online but its not my gameplay style.


  • NacarioNacario Member UncommonPosts: 222
    Also wanted to add a bonus is world interaction, like your progression is tied to the world, like slaying certain monsters to gain an item or spell that others may want which causes tension and sparks pvp
  • ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 2,993
    There's https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/ but it's full loot. 
  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 2,736
    Full Loot:

    Mortal Online
    Wurm (Epic and Wild Only)

    Partial Loot:

    Runescape (Wild)
    Archeage (Tradepacks and Fish Only)
    Pathfinder Online


    Star Citizen (Partial loot? In some areas? I'm only following it so much.)
    Crowfall (Full, partial, or none depending on the campaign.)
    Life is Feudal (Full loot)
    Chronicles of Elyria (Honestly couldn't say. I just think it's in there.)


    Full loot everywhere. In the starter systems anyone who attacks you is pretty much guaranteed to die unless you belong to a corporation they declare war on but they may still be able to kill you first. As far as War Decs go my advise is don't even bother with a corporation if you want to live in high security space. Join one if you decide to move out to low/null/wormhole space.

    The combat is pretty stale and EVE is often referred to as "spreadsheets in space". This is primarily a game about economics and politics. One of the biggest upsides to EVE is the PvP has the lowest barrier to entry. Pick the right corporation and you can start PvPing from your first day playing on (Though I would recommend getting comfortable with the game by running missions to get started.)


    Darkfall is an intensely brutal game with full loot PvP everywhere. There are towers that help defend you in starter cities of your faction but those don't even guarantee 100% safety. The action is full skill based aim. It's a very difficult game to play but if you learn to play it you will be better at every single game you could ever go on to.

    Darkfall traditionally had a very high barrier to entry but I heard they lowered the grind time with Rise of Agon. Haven't tried it so I can't comment.

    Mortal Online

    Mortal is a Darkfall clone IMO. It's crafting system has a lot more depth to it, and there is a skillcap as opposed to Darkfall where you can eventually learn everything. The combat is a bit slower and more forgiving to people who don't have manual aim skills (Or connection) to excel in Darkfall. Especially if you focus on animal control, that will allow you to let pets do most of your fighting for you. The game and GUI are even worse though IMO. For instance I would carefully map out my skillbars and keybinds like I did in Darkfall just to find them randomly reset sometimes.

    Mortal's barrier to entry is pretty low if you pick a solid build. However if you do not pick a solid build and a good race/age combo to compliment it you'll quickly find yourself having to reroll. A max speed elf is one of the more versatile race/age combos that's good for taming/beastmaster and mage builds. Thursar/Khurite is a great warrior build. I'm not sure what all races are used in mounted combat builds.


    Wurm combat is even worse than EVE's. It's about on par with classic Runescape. It's graphics are also some of the worst (Debatably the worst depending on whether or not you like Runescape's and Pathfinder Online's). That being said, if you love in depth crafting I would say it has the best crafting on this list. Infact I would say it has the best crafting of any MMO ever. The PvP servers are low population and the barrier to entry is exceptionally high if you want to actually be competitive. Thankfully even fortress building on PvP servers is a lot of fun and the barrier to entry isn't super high if you are ok serving as cannon fodder.


    Runescape has a specific area of the game with partial loot PvP. There are also some servers entirely dedicated to it. I find PvP is an afterthought and not well balanced with the economy. The potential losses can be staggering. Don't get mixed up in Runescape PvP unless you join a solid PvP clan.


    ArcheAge isn't a player vs. player game, it's a gear vs. gear game. The grind time is enormous. It's probably almost all you will do for your first few months or years depending on how efficient you are / how much playtime you have. They do a fresh start server with every expansion though where everyone starts with level 1 characters and no gear or anything. Make sure you come in with a solid plan or join a group who has one when you start off. If you are willing to swipe a bit that helps too. 

    On the upside the visuals are stunning. The most beautiful game not in the Upcoming section of this list (Star Citizen looks even better but won't be out for awhile). The loot part comes from the fact you can trade and fish, and the tradepacks and fish can be stolen from you if you are in a PvP area. All of the ocean is a PvP area so that's a great place to get some action.

    There is a lot to really love about this game. It's a sandbox themepark hybrid and just really fun to play but the gear disparity can really ruin it for you. Especially if you are not a swiper. If you're interested PM me and I can give you a bit more details and some suggestions on groups to join if you do the fresh start this October.

    Pathfinder Online

    I can't name a single thing this game has done well. I cannot think up any rational basis upon which I would recommend this title to you. It's a half-baked kickstarter that failed to deliver on pretty much all of it's promises. It wants you to pay 15$ a month for a game that still feels pre-alpha. But it's got partial loot so I put it on the list.

  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 2,736
    Just read your 2nd post. ArcheAge is HUGE on world events. There are numerous ones and they are some of the main drivers of PvP in the game. Darkfall has some of that to a lesser extent. Wurm has 2 such events (Hunt of the Ancients and Rifts) but they are a bit less regular.

    EVE has cool stuff out in the PvP areas but there is no scarcity of complexes, rats etc. in EVE so it isn't a major PvP driver for any reason other than that it gets people out into PVP areas (The majority of the map despite the fact only 10% of the playerbase lives there.)
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