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PSA: Don't enter groups outside of dungeons until further notice.

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Update:  They seem to have re-implemented raids along with now accepting paypal.  Unsure if it means if group should be avoided or not as of yet.

Since this hasn't been put here:


Players are supposedly being banned for joining a party and killing mobs.

First noticed: 

Some community posts / thoughts regarding such:



When rumors (or rumours) are flying that players are being banned/suspended for doing what everyone has being doing since the dawn of the MMO invention, because the game company failed to communicate the real reasons for doing so…is just not going to end well in the PR department."


See that is the crux I only heard about the actual mechanics of the exploit this morning. Raids were suspended on 10th so that is two days someone could have unwittingly fallen into this and end up with a ban. For me what Funcom should have done on the 10th:

Funcom news: We have suspended raid groups due to a bug that caused unintended xp gain killing mobs in a group. While we have taken measures to limit the damage this bug will cause anyone who exploits the bug before the hotfix is applied will face having their account permabanned.”

That way everyone knows what is at stake and the consequences of pushing things. As it is now we are looking at a cloudy puddle of poop that could have easily been avoided. As you say PR will take a hit when Funcom really want to be building hype for the steam launch."

"Jeremy Barnes

So it’s finally happened…an “MMO” that’s banning people for grouping"


If grouping is considered an exploit in a MMO, someone failed massively at their job. I’m not sure if that someone is in the dev department (for the issue) or the PR one (for not calling it a single player only game), but still.

If that’s what is going on, then it’s beyond absurd"


It goes without saying that grouping with people to maximize experience and resources has been in most MMOs.  In fact, they typically offer party experience buffs for doing such and being social.  Though I suppose a "shared world" online game might be different as a whole?  I still haven't got past level 17 since I was waiting for the patron buffs (and new payment system, as I don't want to use Hipay), so I don't know the extent to all of this.  Though raid functionality was halted a few days ago without much word.

When I was playing beyond just logging in for daily rewards, I heard people talk about grouping with friends or other players for fun and to grind monsters / maximize their gains.  This is just such a common thing to see and to do in MMOs -- especially the want to min/max -- that this is mind boggling.  I would have joined them since this isn't my first online game and I've grinded mobs for experience in dozens of games while in parties.  There are even MMOs dedicated to that core feature, including Black Desert, RO, Final Fantasy MMOs (esp XI), WoW during Vanilla and WoD / Legion with apexis farming and world quests, etc.

Due to frequent travel in my youth, English isn't something I consider my primary language (and thus I obtained quirky ways of writing).  German and French were always easier for me despite my family being U.S. citizens for over a century.  Spanish I learned as a requirement in school, Japanese and Korean I acquired for my youthful desire of anime and gaming (and also work now).  I only debate in English to help me work with it (and limit things).  In addition, I'm not smart enough to remain fluent in everything and typically need exposure to get in the groove of things again if I haven't heard it in a while.  If you understand Mandarin, I know a little, but it has actually been a challenge and could use some help.

Also, I thoroughly enjoy debates and have accounts on over a dozen sites for this.  If you wish to engage in such, please put effort in a post and provide sources -- I will then do the same with what I already wrote (if I didn't) as well as with my responses to your own.  Expanding my information on a subject makes my stance either change or strengthen the next time I speak of it or write a thesis.  Allow me to thank you sincerely for your time.
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  • TalulaRoseTalulaRose Member RarePosts: 1,247
    Update: In a statement to Massively OP this afternoon, Funcom Community Manager Andy Benditt wrote that the exploit allowing groups to rake in absurd amounts of XP has been fixed, reiterating comments made on Discord earlier today.

    “No one need worry about jumping in with some friends and simply farming XP – you’re totally fine,” he told us. “Based on the data we accumulated, we suspended a small number of players that were grossly abusing this issue before a fix could be deployed.”

    If you believe you’ve been unfairly sanctioned, reach out to Funcom support; Benditt says that the studio is “happy to follow up on and investigate specific cases as they’re brought to [its] attention.”

    Were you banned for exploiting?

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