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Diablo 3 Necromancer class availability

cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,973
I only have the base game. I never bought the expansion . Do I need the expansion to get the necromancer pack or can I buy that separately ?

Recently went back to Grim Dawn and my interest in these games have been rekindled. The last time I played Diablo 3 the difficulty at normal was so easy I quit playing but this time I will adjust it higher and play it. I only play for the story and completion. I never grind for loot to gear differently and play at higher difficulties so it's usually a one run thing but I never actually completed Diablo 3 so looking to finish it. I find the Grim Dawn skill tree is much more interesting although the world is better in Diablo 3. Hoping this new difficulty setting will fix that but being able to pick skills any time you want is kind of a downer because I enjoy doing research and picking builds and being restricted to it until I respec.

Some kind soul on this forum introduced me to the trackball mouse that has greatly reduced the pain I had from gripping my normal mouse. Yes I am the goon that grips my mouse too tightly when I play so its hurts after a couple of hours now I am playing longer and loving it.

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  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 21,349
    Yes, you need Reaper of Souls to play the necro. It's not right out front and obvious, but you can find it by opening the Blizzard Launcher, going to store, selecting D3 and then the necro pack. Just below the price and platform purchase options it lists the requirements.

    The base game is $20. Reaper of Souls is $20. The battle chest is $40 (both bundled). The necro, 2 char slots, 2 storage tabs, and some cosmetics is $15.
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  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 7,973
    Thank you . I am downloading the game again will check some necro vids and see if it is worth it. Reaper gave another class and act well its 20 now so may be worth getting.
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