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Worst PVP in any MMORPG

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,115
The game might be okay for casual players in PVE I play it on and off when I got free time...

But Pantheon wars / PVP in General is part of the worst in any MMORPG I have ever seen.

1.) Mounted Combat in PVP / Pantheon wars is unbalanced, generally I wouldn't complain about this (However I do because its not allowed to buy the mount at any time except from Special Packages that go on sale from time to time.)

2.) Pantheon Wars / PVP, is not scaled so people with more prestige always win so new players have absolutely no way to catch up, and combat is always who has more prestige, or who has been playing longer.

The worst PVP I have ever seen in a game, and the first year was bad because of this, yet the Second year has not improved with scaling or anything.

So when it comes down to it yes "Guilds with the higest prestige" always win, sure its possible to tie, and get rewards, but the actual PVP quality of being able to have equal and fair PVP / Game Play this is not the game for you.

Even Guild Wars 2 is much better.
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