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Fame farming makes Million-Dollar tournament a farce



  • _RYL__RYL_ RYL Community ManagerMember Posts: 31

    Players who are suspect to exploiting and cheating in the tournament server are being watched very closely. We have taken action against some, and continue to observe others.

    RYL: Path of the Emperor does not have 8 million subscribers, but all the versions of RYL, together, do. Planetwide Games is trying to improve our game the best we can for our customers.

    PWG is at the mercy of Youxiland. We work in conjunction with them to resolve bugs and make improvements on the game.

    Constructive criticism is welcomed, as long as it is suggested in an appropriate manner. We care very much about what our customers think, and we try to implement ideas into the game that we feel will benefit everyone involved.

    RYL Community Manager
    RYL:Path of the Emperor

  • StabbyStabby Member Posts: 39

    Originally posted by Marvel'sBro

    Open exploitation and cheating continues in month 2 of this Tourney! It is a total joke and PWG does nothing to stop these exploiters and cheats.
    Players who are not allowed to win the tournament are permitted to enter. The join in a party with their friends and gain fame during pvp. They change nations to be enemy and then allow their friends to kill them and take their fame. PWG does nothing!
    Players are allowed to switch nations without limitations. PWG does nothing!
    Players are allowed to switch guilds without limitations. PWG does nothing!
    There are many other ways that fame(the only thing needed to continue in the tournament) can be gained through cheating and exploiting. These exploits have been known to PWG since Beta and yet nothing is done. No player has ever been banned for this behavior. But if you flame PWG in forums or ingame, the banstick comes out!
    Beware of this "Tournament" it is not being conducted in a fair manner and now alpha testers who have and obvious advantage of having tested these exploits are being allowed to play in the tournement server. STAY AWAY!! You have been warned.

    I hate to say this, but you are dead wrong on every single point here...

    We are aware there are cheaters and most of them have been dealt with. Just because you personally haven't heard anything about how we handle things of this nature, doesn't mean we're not doing anything.

    Players can't switch nations anymore without a MASSIVE fame penalty. Players can still switch guilds, why would we limit that? No other game that I've played does this (not to say that some games do this, but I haven't played one).

    We watch the people playing on the tournament server very closely. We also have monitoring tools to allow us to view everything that goes on with each of the characters playing on all of the servers.

    Believe me, there are quite a few people that "won" in July, that will not only NOT be winning, but that have been banned.

    We know there are people that cheat. We watch them and what they say to other people in the game. More than once, we have been able to track down other cheaters because of somebody entirely different.

  • Jenny2Jenny2 Member Posts: 37

    It's just after 11 pm right now, Monday night, August 15 California time, and no GM's are on the tournament server.  Even their web page for the "Moderator List" for "Tournament Staff Online" lists no one.

    Pedaaala guild, which is Akkan and Human, is at middle camp on the 3rd map fame farming and inviting people to their parties, getting them to middle camp, then their buddies kill them.

    No GM's to report it to.  Screenshots don't really prove anything because it's hard to see who attacked who or exactly what's going on.  A GM needs to be there to observe, but, as usual, in spite of promises that there would be GM's on the tournament server 24/7, there are no staff on the tournament server.

    The best suggestion I've received was to report it to state gaming authorities.

    I've never heard of a million dollar tournament so poorly run and more open to abuse.

    The million will probably be tied up in court for the next 10 years.

    I like playing RYL, but I hate the crappy job they've done of running the tournament--poorly thought out.

    It should have been a one against one tournament with everyone at the same level and no partying, guilds, or nations, just player against player, with everyone enemies, and organized playoffs like a real tournament.

    It's extremely misleading to give people the impression they can buy the game and enter the tournament with a fair chance of winning or even being in the top twelve for a month.

    You need a large group of dedicated and experienced players to work with to get into the finals.  A new solo player doesn't have a chance.

  • lord_yuri27lord_yuri27 Member Posts: 37

    Originally posted by Jenny2
    Pedaaala guild, which is Akkan and Human, is at middle camp on the 3rd map fame farming and inviting people to their parties, getting them to middle camp, then their buddies kill them.

    1st this a tournament that you can win 1m$ at the end and if you think ppl who use exploits and cheat or whatever in a normal game, its so normal to see these type of ppl can do more in a tournament that has a reward 1m$

    2nd you are playing with people, they can do everything for win this money and PWG cant stop this, i dont think any company can stop this its bec of the tournament style, they can fix it but then they will find another, if you ask me it was a mistake for PWG to do this tournament, they could think of a little tournament thats only 1vs1 or GvG big wars but has a reward for the winner player or guild any maybe a league but just pvp or gvg but not a fame tournament maybe then these tournament may seen better. Im sure PWG thought different about this tournament and they try to do their best but any company cant stop this, every player of this tournament has dreams of winning 1m$ and many of them would do, try or think to cheat to get it, fair players? huh, dont make me smile, well, i would be fair too but then i would think they do and they win, im fair but i got nothing to win then would i cheat too? no, i wouldnt play instead...image

    3rd PWG may not be working well over this but im not a tournament player but im a ryl lover and it really makes me sad to read these stuff here ppl accuse PWG for some stuff and PWG must be doing something coz its not a company would let some stupid guys(cheaters) to make costumers think bad about company...

    4th The best you can do is just reporting in a good way, you report and dont get answers or see no action? then report more, gms delete your posts? then report gms but instead going against to PWG remember this is your game, your tournament so dont let anyone make it bad and try to do your best then you may change things i think...

    5th I played Counter-Strike for 6 years and joined many tournaments, maybe this is why im in love with RYL, i tried GuildWars, L ][ and many other games but all sux for me, yeah maybe this games have many good stuff then RYL but there are many bad stuff too for me, like the guy on above meant L ][ sorry but L ][ has more cheaters and cheat programs then RYL and L ][ has a great history and RPG but gameplay isnt good as RYL... Guild Wars, i still dont know if i played an online game or offline game for 1 month bec you see no people out of city and Guild Wars PVP doesnt have action as RYL has, the biggest arena is for 8 teams and that means 64 ppl but for ryl 64 players are just 2 guilds having a war together, that is why im here defending the game i point as the best in the game list of, RYL may not be a mmorpg or whatever is it, its an online game and have the best action, im not here defending the Company bec they may have mistakes and i have seen some too while i was playing but yes they should work harder for tournament and they must catch the cheaters in a sec then ban them if he is really cheating bec these players dont have business in a ryl tournament, that is what PWG can do as best but whatever they do they cant stop cheating, ppl can play with rules and make them work for them...

    6th Im a member of Skeletons Guild and my many friends left game bec of some reasons like that but i have many friends still playing game and trying to change this a lot coz this game is ours...



    Im the legend.

  • _RYL__RYL_ RYL Community ManagerMember Posts: 31


    Last night, August 15, 11:00PM, there were two GMs online. Specifically, GM-DeEho was watching the group you have in question. Like I have said before, there are GMs in the tournament server 24/7. The "Moderator List" is flawed as it does not always show which GM is online. I do not know why it doesn't work accurately.

    If a player takes screenshots and sends them to an In-house GM, it does in fact help. We specifically look for certain things and any screenshots taken help us compile our information in more detail.

    Before taking any action against an individual suspected of cheating, we must have enough solid evidence before we go any further. Also keep in mind that we do not disclose the nature of our actions against suspected individuals for legal reasons. There is a lot that goes in "behind the scenes" that players are not aware of.

    RYL Community Manager
    RYL:Path of the Emperor

  • Jenny2Jenny2 Member Posts: 37

    Why did it take you guys 6 weeks to finally do something???

    You could have fixed it in July instead of waiting to now and then just closing it.

    When I said "Then some heads better roll because you screwed this one up big time" I wasn't thinking of Slappy, but I guess if he's responsible, good thing he was fired.

    Posted this on August 23:


    You know the tournament server is dead when you see players from the top 12 in the tournament playing on one of the other servers.

    The top players got a lot of fame in the first 2 weeks, some honestly, some by not-so-honest methods, then almost everyone else quit and there's no one there to kill anymore.

    Another reason why the tournament should have been conducted like a real tournament without all the opportunities for cheating.

    I don't blame the players for taking advantage of every opportunity--I blame the company for making it possible.

    The PGA, for example, makes it virtually impossible, and certainly not worth the risk, for any golfer to attempt cheating in one of their tournaments.  That's the way this tournament should have been conducted considering the high value of the prize.

    If they've caught cheaters and kicked them out, as they claim, why not report it in the media to deter others?

    Might even make CNN--that would be worth some publicity for the game.

    Basically, they know they're in trouble on this one, and it may be one of the reasons Slappy was fired."

  • ToodlesToodles Member UncommonPosts: 118
    This game is a BUST
  • iveria18iveria18 Member Posts: 123
    why did u say that RYL is a BUST???? why???

    P2P is good but i need free games :D

  • spafonspafon Member UncommonPosts: 54
    The bottom line is that PWG knew from the start that the fame farming would happen and never intended to give away a Million dollars.  the whole tournament was a fraud to begin with to attract players.
  • MalicusMalicus Member Posts: 307 was predicted in these forums by a couple people and me before the contest was even official. Dont get conned, research your mmorpgs on here first.

  • IchmenIchmen Member UncommonPosts: 1,228

    hmm i find it funny two people feel the need to bash PWG when they are no longer hosting ryl LOL

    grow up god. you bashed and flamed their forums now you troll boards not even part of their game

    good job reviving dead threads proves just how immature and trolling you really are.

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