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Blizzard will add sandbox elements in next WoW patch!?!

aSynchroaSynchro Member UncommonPosts: 194
I lost all hope of WoW becoming my dream MMORPG (the mythical living/breathing world) but maybe it's not totaly doomed.

In the blue post announcing patch 7.3, Blizzard wrote: "we’re also designing areas with sandbox elements intended to be enjoyed even after you complete the main quest".

Sandbox... In WoW!! Now that's something I wasn't expected!

Do you think they're slowly realize that the themepark model isn't sustainable and they *have* to introduce some kind of player-created content if they want to last?

Maybe it will be a test before adding more in next extension...

And what kind of sandbox elements could they add? Probably not housing (won't interact well with the class hall) but what about private-contracts (players created quests), or maybe small scale politics like becoming a local general...


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