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Recommendations for Sci-Fi Space (Opera) RPG type game?

LivedeffloLivedefflo Member UncommonPosts: 23
I know the title of this post is kinda odd i rec but what i mean is i'm looking for a game whether it is an MMO or just a PC game that is similar to the Mass Effect style. Universes, galaxies, space flight, landing on planets, lots and lots of RP and questing (or not so long as there is always something to do), I'm not looking for a 4x or strategy game. I like more action based, although turn based is fine too. 

fyi I've played Star Trek Online, SWG, SWTOR, Tabula Rasa (when it existed), Earth & Beyond (until it died), the entire Mass Effect series (including the fantastic Andromeda!) Eve Online i tried and then i heard that even if you put all the work into Eve Online your ship can still be destoryed and you lose everything, i'm not down with all that, that's a waste of time if it's true. Otherwise if it's not true then i might be interested, not sure yet. 

Thanks in advance guys =) 


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