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Regarding Devilian on Eu server and new players interested in this game

Google147Google147 Member CommonPosts: 2
After 1 year+ in this game there is few things i can say. Considering population its drastically droped leaving in game max of 100 players and there are reasons for it. Strongest currency is archgems and you can get those on weekly rewards of abysal tower(pve, low archgem count), guild wars and 3vs3 rankings. Abysal twr ranking are decided upon your gear/artif(you lvl this up with gems) and play preformance, 3vs3 is rewarding first 10 of each class and guild war which basically is decided by amount of archgems your guild mates have. In EU server there is group of people staying in one guild named Team Rocket and with usage of multi account software they are controling 3vs3 rewards(deciding who will win/lose match so their guild mates gain points/rewards for pvp). They are soo deep into this to the point that you can`t play 3vs3 match without team rocket or their alternative guild made of their secondary characters(guild name is WeKissYou). At the end of week on list of rewards of 3vs3(which are rly high amount of archgems) you will see 90% players from team rocket or their alternative characters. Seeing this injustice fair and casual players are droping game leaving population with even less players. Confronting them with this problem you`ll end up with a story that those people are new players, but we all know that newcomers are trying to fight in arena not staying afk to let someone win. Same group of players are selling boosts for gem drops giving gear drops(but they keep good rune on gear extracting it with rune extractor), leaving new players with nothing to work with, making their progress even more slower and in this way assuring top 10 in abysal rankings(with high lvl artifacts they got from gems of new players). Administration of game is located on NA sever so they dont have insight/dont care whats happening on Eu sever. American server has a really nice community, they dont have problems like this which makes gameplay enjoyable. Dont get me wrong new players, this is best clon of diablo 2 i ever played(and trust me i played all of them :D) but end game(best rewards) is focused at pvp. To play this game with all functions you must pay 5 euros, but to try out game pve system is totaly free. So if you are from europe my sugestion is not to give money to game cuz at the end you will end up disappointed like alot of players before you, disappointment is not worth your money.
P.S. you can play on NA server but expect lag spikes on pvp cuz you play from other continent, for pve is all good.
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