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Make the site more secure

monochrome19monochrome19 Member UncommonPosts: 715 scans, analyzes, and validates a website for security issues and possible errors.

The results for

TL;DR: -11/100


  • waynejr2waynejr2 Member EpicPosts: 7,768
    Who wants to click on those links?

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  • monochrome19monochrome19 Member UncommonPosts: 715
    edited June 2017
    Obviously no one, but you're free to google the site yourself and check if its safe. Even if you don't, Firefox list mmorpg as unsafe so I'm sure everyone is aware by now a lot can be done to improve security. Also, I wouldn't click the link if I were you either, which is why I listed the score. But yeah, you get the idea.
  • monochrome19monochrome19 Member UncommonPosts: 715

    Report for

    Analyzed @ 2017-06-02 04:57:23.430213

    Security information

    TLS/SSL Transport Layer Security provides assurances about the confidentiality, authentication, and integrity of all communications both inside and outside.
    X-Frame-Options X-Frame-Options controls whether your site can be framed, protecting against clickjacking attacks. It has been superseded by Content Security Policy's frame-ancestors directive, but should still be used for now. -20
    X-XSS-Protection X-XSS-Protection protects against reflected cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks in IE and Chrome, but has been superseded by Content Security Policy. It can still be used to protect users of older web browsers. -10
    Content Security Policy Content Security Policy (CSP) can prevent a wide range of cross-site scripting (XSS) and clickjacking attacks against your website. -25
    X-Content-Type-Options X-Content-Type-Options instructs browsers to not guess the MIME types of files that the web server is delivering. -5

    Application information

    CSS3 validation errors Ignored in overall score due to incompatibility of browser and therefore use of standard incompatible vendor prefixes. -26
    HTML validation errors Every error adds one additional negative point to overall score. -41
    Content encoding (gzip) The Content-Encoding entity header is used to compress the media-type (gzip is recommended). -10

    Response headers

    content-length 232
    x-powered-by ASP.NET
    server Microsoft-IIS/7.5
    connection keep-alive
    date Fri, 02 Jun 2017 02:57:23 GMT
    content-type text/html


    Name Craig McGregor
    City Santa Fe
    Address 15 Calle de Montanas
    Zip code 87507
    Country US
    Registrar, LLC

    HTML errors (41 errors)

    Expand to see errors and summary.

    CCS3 errors (26 errors)

    Expand to see errors and summary.
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