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SB2... wp hireing?!

TooL-D-TooL-D- Member CommonPosts: 126

Wolfpack is up to something...


  • LoBo-TPLoBo-TP Member Posts: 33

    Wolfpack will need to make an SB2. SB ATM is just about dead. After several server migrations and server shut downs there are only a few servers open. Each of these servers still left only have a bit over 200 people online in peek hours. WoW and GW killed SB and now with Darkfall on its way the rest of SB's population will move to DF since its in a way all what SB is and more. I for one loved Shadowbane more then any other game aside from old day UO. I just hope that SB2 will be out around the time DF will come out. I bet more would play SB2 then DF online.

    We kill because we care :)

  • CoolWatersCoolWaters Member UncommonPosts: 104
    Well, with the lore server, I think SB is good for a while.  It is set up to be a huge success.  Hopefully populations will remain high until well into the development phases of SB2.  (I'm assuming they are working on SB2, but I have no hard 411).
  • MaarMaar Member Posts: 12

    Sb is doing better than it has in a while with the new lore rule set lot of players old and new gave it another shot .

    shadow bane wont die while no other mmorpg has totaly open pvp like it does .Bring on sb 2

    btw wow gets boring after a few month and df is unplayabe in its current state .

  • oakthornnoakthornn Member UncommonPosts: 863

    Well that announcement was back in July.Ashen Temper has been quiet for a while.He wouldn't confirm or deny SB 2 being in production but I just don't understand creating a new game when the old one has problems..

    I just downloaded the game yesterday to give it a try since i beta tested the game in 2002.. Some things were slightly improved since then,but the UI and graphics is still the worst features of the game.. I absolutely hate how u move.. Change that ASAP PLEASE! It reminds me of doing wax on wax off in karate kid..

     If SB came out with an Expansion and listened to what the people what changed with the game and actually did this,then perhaps SB would attract new and old members alike.. Update the graphics engine and get rid of the horrible character movement.. Also stabilize the game more,fix the technical issues with the game and make the lag a little less tedious,,lol.. I logged in last night and even at the newbie areas I lagged somewhat,lol.. 

    But If Ubi decided a year ago to focus more on their "new MMO game" instead of fixing SB,I hope to God the game they are creating is in fact SB 2... I love everything about SB,its lore,races,classes,character progression and freedom,and the dark fantasy setting is the coolest feature of all bar none..

    If anyone has any leaked info as to the rumors of SB2 please post it here, thx

    Rallithon Oakthornn
    (Retired Heirophant of the 60th season)

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