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An alternative to classic client

Mr.AimedMr.Aimed Member CommonPosts: 2
Hi guys,

We're developing an alternative, open source client in attempt to replace the old classic client. 
It's using classic client files so it looks the same but rendering is done by GPU. I hope this won't be seen as an act of piracy or advertisement of free shards. As we don't sell anything or claim to be right owners of anything except our code ( MIT license ). This client is an attempt to improve Ultima Online and make it look better, hopefully attract new players too!
So far we've tested it only on free shards because otherwise there would be no one to test it. I hope this summer we'll be able to start testing on official servers and I hope we'll find enthousiasts here to help us out on this one ;)
Here's a demo:


  • Viper482Viper482 Member EpicPosts: 3,241
    Man those were good times.

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  • Mr.AimedMr.Aimed Member CommonPosts: 2
    DMKano said:
    Pretty sweet. Kudos for this.
    Thanks <3
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