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  • RawynRawyn Member UncommonPosts: 202
    edited December 2017
    LeFantome said:
    Rawyn said:
    people still follow this crap?

    Glad i didnt fall for the trap..

    All he had to do is rebuild UO in 3d..

    This new crowdfunding to crowdfund while they crowdfund the crowdfund scheme opened up thier financials for review and people figured out that the crap they're playing is $18M in the making.  Richard Garriott came out and said from the begining they've pulled in enough each month in microtransactions to cover their monthly costs.  So now all the backers are like "where's the money"?  And Chris is slam dunking it this morning telling people not to expect any of the missing Kickstarter goals... I think the only reason the media isn't eating this up is because the game is so terrible, it's going to fail anyway.
    I see Chris's blog he says he's done with Reddit for a while. He is done here after he made a fool of himself here, got caught lying and insulted the community here the other day. The guy don't like it when he can't control the posts like their forums. He took his little red ball and​ headed back to their forums again. Can't hack it on forums where people don't have to kiss his butt.

    Im sure that Chris Spears is still reading this forum. But can't comment for the good of the game. THIS GUY IS PATHETIC

    Prob wouldn't doubt it he's as big a troll as everybody else he calls troll. He's took to pouting when he got owned here and on reddit on his forums for some cuddles from the white knights
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  • blorpykinsblorpykins Member RarePosts: 466
    yeah, when you talk about SotA people don't even want to talk about the game, they want to talk about the bald guy with the cult church, the asshole that yells at everyone and Lord British, because he used to be somebody.  Can't wait to see what happens with all the noise about KS and people screaming for refunds now.
  • blorpykinsblorpykins Member RarePosts: 466
    edited June 2017
    an endless trove of drama, this is better than netflix!

    reddit on point

  • RawynRawyn Member UncommonPosts: 202
    edited July 2017
    I feel like portalarium should change their front page to a picture of a begger holding a cup, since all they do is beg for money all the time.
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