Worst Pvp Balance!

StoneRosesStoneRoses Member UncommonPosts: 1,478
Visually and the combat is amazing!
Linear gameplay...everyone starts in the same zone same fucking story. No options. Boring for those who enjoy Alts!
Dungeon Bosses can be fun and challenging than ESO Hookers.
Battleground have yet to experience or do I really want to considering see below;
PVP Balance worst than Gearcentric games like WoW.
  • Increase your HP and dmg output
  • Fight against high level players
  • Fight against high level players with more skills available to them
  • Did I mention they just they just give you more HP and dmg minus the necessary skills required to Pvp. 
Makes all other Pvp MMOS worth playing.

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    Worst Pvp balance? That's a big claim my friend, maybe you haven't played eso. Check out how one player destroys two opposing armies while getting buffeted by siege weapons, total god mode:

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  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Member EpicPosts: 3,743
    It did bug me greatly when they introduced hongmoon skills.  But before that, there was no differences between levels in arena.  And it was pretty cool (except for all the bots... and summoners...).

    As far as class balance goes, though, it's actually one of the best.
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