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Dragon ball based on tibia client, something new! Dragon Ball Victory

pazganpazgan Member CommonPosts: 1

[size=16][b]Dragon Ball Victory Serwer[/b][/size]

[b]Portal[/b]: [URL=][b][/b][/URL]  (Information / spells for profession / etc.)
[b]Forum[/b]: [URL=][b][/b][/URL]  (Guides / Chat / Reporting problems, bugs )

[size=10]** [b]Server Information[/b] **
[b]~[/b] Online 24/7
[b]~[/b]  2 Server to choose from:
 - [b][S1 World] [/b]PVP (till 50lvl) /  [b]Reborn Quest max 700lvl [/b] / Exp Stage (x7-) - [URL=][/URL]
 - [b][S2 War][/b] PVP-Enfo (till 50lvl) / Reborn quest max 1400lvl/ Exp x15 - [URL=][/URL]

[b]~[/b] [b]Cast System[/b] - Live Preview (log in without a username and password)
[b]~[/b] Unique big map
[b]~[/b] Fusion System
[b]~[/b] Items regenerating HP/KI
[b]~[/b] Items / Sets adding % HP/KI and impact resistance
[b]~[/b] Much of the original quest
[b]~[/b] Entertainment type Bomberman / football / Stone War / Crystal Game / Dungeon
[b]~[/b] Arena PVP (don't lose level if we are defeated)
[b]~[/b] Fly System - Ability to fly over cities
[b]~[/b] Rider System - Ability to ride on monsters + bonus (different on each monster)
[b]~[/b] Private NPC Shop System - We put your NPC sell our items
[b]~[/b] Kills Quest - killing monsters for a given reward (Senzu / cash / Exp)
[b]~[/b] [b]Event every weekend[/b] - %exp, loot rate etc.
[b]~[/b] Lotery - Every 6 hours or arranges tutor (You can even win PACC!)
[b]~[/b] Upgrade System - Can upgrade your weapons / armor etc.
[b]~[/b] 23 Balanced profession !
[b]~[/b] Power Quest - New powerful transformations when the special quests
[b]~[/b] !New proffesion like Bills and Shin!
[b]~[/b] New spots only with done fly quest
[b]~[/b] God quest (more power etc.)

[b]Some pictures from the server: (click to enlarge)[/b]
[URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL] [URL=][img][/img][/URL]

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