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Vampire Tooth, money making.

saa0dsaa0d Member CommonPosts: 1
Hello guys,
it's been a looooong time since I last played the original TOP, maybe about 7 years. Anyway, im playing Pirate King Online now which is similar to TOP. However, I see that i'm in need of money. I remember in TOP that I used to make an item that grocers sell and sell it to NPC. The item is Vampire tooth; grocer sells it for 1m and buys it for 500k - lots of money. However, the problem is that I forgot how to make it. What I remember is that it comes by luck. Like I cannot choose to create the item I want, it comes by luck. But what I used to do makes it come a lot and when I get it I get more than one.
So if anyone remembers or knows how to create it please tell me, I want to know.

These are the images. I don't know how I used to make it, someone remind me please? Thanks
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