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VRFocus: Guild Software on Vendetta Online's VR Push & The Future Of VR Controller Tech

PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 3,009
This video highlights why Guild Software is one of my favorite developers: hearing John Bergman talk about VR is a reminder that he "gets it".  He also may have just sold me on the Gear VR's new motion controller with the words "laser pointer" (in terms of functionality  :)  think being able to select virtual objects via gestures).

He doesn't seem to get "lost" in the present-day minutia that tends toward status-quo: he brings up haptics, the advantages of PC VR versus mobile VR.  I may even be sold on PC VR now after watching this (although I almost was before) but I'm still not quite ready for it, just in terms of cash priorities.

It's an enlightening video, both for fans of VR and Vendetta Online.

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