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Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 screen Is actually Wild West Online, a new PvP MMO

FilburFilbur Member UncommonPosts: 254
Yesterday a leaked image started circulating on a Grand Theft Auto forum showing a cowboy that looked an awful lot like John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. Unlike what many assumed, this wasn't Red Dead Redemption 2, but it could be a PC gamer's best chance to eke out a living on the frontier. Wild West Online is an open-world PvP MMO that wears its inspirations on its dusty, sun-bleached sleeves. Players will form gangs to either break or defend the law, roam the hinterlands, or settle in for a game of cards at the local saloon. In PC Gamer's exclusive reveal, I sat down with Stephan Bugaj creative vice president of publisher DJ2, to find out more.


  • OhhPaigeyOhhPaigey Member RarePosts: 1,517
    edited May 2017
    "The creators of Wild West Online expect to launch a $250,000 Kickstarter at the end of the month, with stretch goals tied to additional funding."
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  • laseritlaserit Member LegendaryPosts: 7,591
    edited May 2017
    I can't wait to check this one out. I won't donate to a KS, but I look forward to purchasing the game in EA or release, providing it won't be F2P

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  • cantankerousmagecantankerousmage Member UncommonPosts: 992
    The Wild West would be a good setting for an open-narrative sandbox mmorpg.  But they should let you play more than Cowboys (Law and the Outlaws) imho.
  • NeblessNebless Member RarePosts: 1,751
    Back in 2010 Tenderfoot Games had a multi-player game going called Wild West Online: Gunfighter that they said was the combat portion of a MMO game they were working on.  After a year it shut down and wasn't heard from again.  Just wondering if this is what was talked about all that time ago.

    Should be interesting to learn more about this.

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